Tuesday, May 3, 2011

And the winner is....

I picked Gianna up from school and came home then,  I dug around looking for cute scrapbook paper to write the names of people who commented on my last post so that I could enter y'all (check out the country accent at work a week early) in a contest to win this sign
and then it occurred to me, 'I don't have any cute paper, it's all packed! What kind of paper do I have? Packing paper. Duh. 

some of my very favorite people are in that pile!
Then I thought it wouldn't be fair if I pulled the name out, wouldn't want to be accused of playing favorites. So I enlisted the help of Gianna.
Is the suspense killing you? 
and the winner is... Kevin Boyington! Congratulations Kevin! Hey I just thought of something... You could totally wrap this up and give it to your wife for Mothers Day! Woo hoo! Look at me saving you in case you forgot to get her something!
Thanks everyone for entering!
Gotta go now... lots more packing to do!

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